Xbox 360 Ring of Fire – Xbox 360 Death Ring Repair Tips to Help

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xbox ring of fire

I’m in love with my Xbox, I play it all the time and theres nothing better than a hardcore session of Halo 4 to beat the stresses of everyday life. But the Xbox seems to be getting a bit of bad press lately and this is mainly due to xbox 360 problems that keep occurring. xbox 360 e73 error I have been checking some stats which state that almost one in three xbox 360 will develop some kind of problem during its life. That a lot of xbox 360 problems to deal with.

So what are these xbox 360 problems and how do you best deal with them? Well first of all what are they. Well they come in various forms but the main viable sign your xbox 360 has a problem is the ring of lights on the front of the console. This set of four lights is usually green but when you get a problem with your xbox all or any number of the lights go red (infectionately name the red ring of death for obvious reasons).

Some of these xbox red light problems can be cured by simply turning the console off and then back on again (a reboot) or allowing the console to cool down. a lot of the problems are caused by over heating which in turn causes bad solder connections. If the reboot or cool down period doesn’t fix your xbox you may have a more serious hardware problem.

red circle of death and your xbox under warranty? If so you can send it off to Microsoft for it to be repaired, as long as you have the original receipt in your name and it is within the warranty period (now three years). One problem with this approach is the amount of time you loose your xbox for. Some people are reporting up to three months turn around. Not good if like me you like to get a few hours game play a day. my friend was unfortunate enough to send his xbox to Microsoft for repair, it was only away for 8 weeks so not too bad but he had only had it back two months and it had the same problem. By the way if you are wondering, if your out of warranty it is the best part of $150 to get repaired by Microsoft.

Do you have any other options? well you could always repair it yourself. Not as scary as you might think and something a lot of people are doing now whether they are in warranty or not. The repair can be done in under a couple of hours so you will be back playing games the same day. If your xbox is out of warranty you obviously save yourself the repair costs and the wait.

There a few guides around to show you how to cure your xbox 360 problems and some even come with video instruction but be careful before you buy there is some trash out there. I have tried out a couple of the guides myself and some are easier to follow than others.

xbox 360 e73 error
red circle of death
xbox ring of fire
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